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Hawking appeared on an episode of Star Trek in which he is shown beating Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein at poker. Just as Einstein did, Hawking nurses a passion.

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In the episode, Lieutenant Commander Data is playing Poker with Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.

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The first time I saw professor Stephen Hawking, his was in a poker game with Albert Einstein, a curmudgeony Sir Issac Newton and a gold-skinned android named Data — the three greatest minds in physics versus an anthropomorphic computer containing all 24th century knowledge in the know universe.Stephen Hawking will always be remembered for his great contributions to.

Hawking is the only person ever to play himself on Star Trek (or rather, a hologram of himself).

In this 1993 episode, Data decides to try to understand humanity better by hitting the holodeck to play poker with some of the greatest minds in human history: Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking.

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Lieutenant Commander Data is playing Poker with the most famous Physics Scientists of our recent history, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.

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Hawking is a professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University (a post once held by Isaac Newton).Stephen Hawking stunned us with hilarious TV cameos on Big Bang Theory and Little Britain. where he played poker against Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton as.Speaking of Stephen Hawking, the sci-fi fan who played poker with Einstein and Newton, and threw a party for time travellers.Albert Einstein (played by Jim Norton), and Hawking. scientists would interact during a game of poker.

The scene where Data is on the holodeck playing poker with Newton, Einstein and Steven Hawking was written.

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Commander Data plays a game of poker with holographic representations of Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking.The Star Trek community mourns the loss of renowned theoretical physicist and author Stephen Hawking,.

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Stephen Hawking has died. The episode showed him playing a game of poker in the Holodeck, with Data, Einstein and Newton.

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My favorite Hawking moment was on Star Trek when Hawking and Einstein were playing poker.

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Data, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton and Einstein playing Poker (youtube.com). When Hawking was on set, he.

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Memorable scene from Star Trek TNG, Season 6, Episode 26 The Descent (part 1).

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Renowned physicist and author Stephen Hawking died on Wednesday of. where he appeared as his hologram playing poker with Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.In the TNG episode Descent, Data plays a game of poker on the Holodeck with Stephen Hawking (who played himself on the show), Albert Einstein, and Isaac Newton.

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