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I have 3 hardrives to backup my iMac - and my boat and my car are insured. Advantage of 2 memory card slots. 2018 Digital Photography Review All.

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Insert the new memory modules into the slots with the notch facing.

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Upgrade memory to 8GB. I am just wondering if it can go to 8 GB since it has 2 slots. iMac (Mid 2007): Memory Specifications. iMac.

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It is still commonly found on low and mid-range models. DDR.

New 27-Inch iMac Supports Up to 64GB of RAM, OWC Offering Upgrade Kits. Retina iMac includes four memory slots that support up to 16GB. at WWDC 2018 in 6.

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The Best Business Desktops of 2018. same brilliant 5k display and sleek design of the iMac. extra DIMM slots, which will let you upgrade your memory.

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